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A1 Samosas - India's most popular and highest selling branded samosas. A home to the magic of Hindi cinema, has this symbiotic relationship with the samosa.

A Favourite with Multiplex and Single Screen exhibitors nicknamed as " A1 Bollywood Samosa". This crusty triangle of spiced-up pea and potato mash, remains a hot favourite, pipping the nachos and noodles or pasta and pizzas to the cash counter.

Its a taste embedded in the Mumbai film fans palate. Seriously, the samosa you serve as well as your popcorn could well decide the loyalty of your customer,is the theatre ownersrefrain.

But, while some of the new food offerings can be done internally, a snack, which almost 50% of Mumbais cine goers have voted as numero uno in taste is A-1s samosas. For the past four decades and three generations, nearly 30 cinema halls have got their daily supply of samosas from A-1 Samosas, situated in central Mumbais Sion.


No preservatives


Zero wastage

Micro wave Ready


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